Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design allows businesses to communicate messages and reshape perspectives through compelling visual content. The best graphic designs are able to seize the attention of your target audience and evoke a response based on its intended call-to-action.

Who will need Graphic Design?

If you are a business owner looking to spice up your business collateral and content and increase customer retention rates, then Graphic Design should be considered. This can come in the form of web design illustrations, logos, marketing collateral, or newsletters.

When will you need Graphic Design?

Every business stands to gain with expertly crafted aesthetics and specifically curated designs to bolster its branding needs and advertising interests.

However, If your company struggles with attracting your target audience be it with your marketing collateral or Brand Identity, graphic design must be considered. Professional Graphic Design should be able to convey a brand’s message, story, and beliefs. It should result in higher conversion rates and better business results for your company.

What is provided?


Visual Identity Graphic Design


Publication Graphic Design


Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design


Graphic Design


Packaging Graphic Design


Environmental Graphic Design

How do we execute Graphic Design?



The team at STOORY will conduct a discovery session to discover your brand’s beliefs, voice, and culture. We conduct market research in your niche and understand the needs and interests of your target audience. This way, your business is able to capture the attention of your target audience, translating into tangible business outcomes.

With the information gathered during the Discovery session, we begin ideating and drafting sketches. During STOORY’s team meetings, we vet and critically assess these sketches before distilling them down into a curated selection of designs that is suitable for your brand.





The team at STOORY works closely with you, designing your brand’s collateral from the ground up with your business goals in mind. We focus on the details of the designs in this stage, every line, curve, and shade, crafting it to perfection. We work on mockups to allow you to visualise your Graphics on different mediums such as business cards, packaging, storefront, etc.

Graphic Designs are art pieces - subjective and should never be static. We will continuously review our work following your creative satisfaction and the audience’s liking.


Review and Revamp


At STOORY, we understand that beyond its looks, glitz, and glamour, Graphic Design is essential in a business’ intricate branding and advertising strategies. Here, we ask “Does this work?” rather than just “Does this look pretty?”. With professionally crafted creations bolstered by well-researched data, STOORY will guide your business along to develop a powerful and consistent brand, facilitated by its design to surpass the competition in your industry.

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