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What are Advertisement Videos?

Advertisement Videos, also known as Commercials, are digestible videos that have the power to elicit action from your viewers for your products or services. These videos are generally produced for Social Media or television to showcase your brand with eye-catching visuals. Within the first few seconds, your viewers should have already been sold on your product or brand identity. A well done advertisement video keeps your viewers engaged and emotionally invested in your brand’s core.

What is the purpose of an Advertisement Video?

Advertisement Videos or Commercials can be used for multiple reasons such as driving traffic to your landing page, lead generation, and even simply gaining awareness for your brand. Additionally, they have the power to persuade and elicit a call-to-action. Advertisement Videos or Commercials can also present your products and reinvent your brand in a manner that would otherwise be unimaginable.


STOORY promises the highest quality cinematic advertisement videos with the specific intention of presenting the best versions of your products or to re-invent your brand’s image. Our professional in-house Video Production crew and content strategists are able to incisively tie in visual aesthetics that are intertwined with your specific business strategy. Combine our talents in telling stories through eye-catching visuals and your business’ vision, we will undoubtedly be able to create advertising masterpieces, together.

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