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What are Event Highlight Videos?

Event Highlight Videos sum up the key highlights of a particular event. This could range from anything, be it a corporate event, conference, or even a light-hearted cohesion organised by your organisation. These videos succinctly capture the endearing moments, achievements, and memorable events that show why your company/ brand is truly special.

What is the purpose of an Event Highlight Video?

Organising an event takes a lot of effort, precise planning, and resources to pull off. It would be wasteful for its effect to be lost and forgotten, after the last participant leaves and the decorations get swept away. An Event Highlight Video ensures that the event stays timeless as it captures and re-tells the event’s most memorable and exciting aspects.


Here’s the thing, we get it. STOORY understands how Video Production can help your business reach its objectives, rather than just merely making your brand pretty. We’re good at it too. We understand, the time and effort that's required for an event. It would be a shame for it all to go to waste after the curtains are drawn. Thus, we will expertly capture the best moments, eternalising it. Our professional in-house Video Production crew and content strategists will be able to incisively tie in visual aesthetics with these highlights to create a tapestry worthy of our memories

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