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What is Photography?

We all know what Photography means. However, beyond its definition, Story believes that Photography isn’t just about snapping beautiful photos to be published on your Social Media platforms or websites. Photography means more than that to a business - it acts as a medium to represent your brand visually to strengthen your Brand Identity. The main goal of Photography is to allow your target audience to relate to your brand through the strategic use of colours, tones, props, and many more.

Who will need Photography?

If you are a business owner looking to strengthen your brand image and identity on your Social Media platforms to drive long-term results, then Photography is one of the best tools to consider. Of course, Photography alone does not bear the maximum branding and advertising results without a well-established Brand Strategy and Identity. We definitely advise complementing Photography with Brand Strategy and Development to achieve the best branding results.

When will you need Photography?

Photography is a great option to enhance your websites and Social Media feeds, with photos that truly represent your brand visually. In other cases, they could be used for menus, marketing collateral like brochures, posters, or business cards, and the list goes on.

What is provided?


Brand Photography


Food Photography


Product/Service Photography


Event Photography


Business Portrait Photography

How do we execute Photography?



The team at STOORY will conduct a discovery session to discover your brand’s beliefs, voice, and culture. We conduct market research in your niche and empathise with your target audience. This way, your business is able to capture the attention of your target audience, translating into tangible business outcomes.

With the information gathered during the Discovery session, we strategise to provide a specific look and aesthetic we feel that your business could adopt. With a consistent aesthetic told through our expert Photography, your Brand will undoubtedly stand out visually.





It's time for a photoshoot! Your business, its essence, messages, and intentions will be captured by our professional photographers. Sit back and relax as your brand’s story gets written with a million words.

Together, we review and reshoot the photographs and arrive at a curation of visually appealing pictures that you will unquestionably be satisfied with.


Review and Revamp


At STOORY, we have assembled a team of talented and professional photographers that not only takes excellent photographs but understands firsthand how it facilitates a businesses’ branding and advertising needs and interests. Therefore, STOORY doesn't only promise pretty pictures, but effective ones as well. With concrete and well-researched data, we will guide your business along to developing a powerful and consistent brand that surpasses any competition in your industry.

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