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5 Tips to Creating a Banger Video Commercial

Do you remember watching Cadbury’s advertisement with two kids wiggling their eyebrows many years ago? Or more recently, Apple’s Don’t Blink commercial introducing their new products?

These commercials managed to leave their impact simply because their video incorporated all of the tips below. Making a marketing video commercial is not difficult, really, you just need to know how to do it right.

1. Hook

This is crucial. This is the first thing that people see when they come across your video. You want them to stay engaged and interested and continue watching, so you need something that throws people off and does not bore them.

Consider a fun fact like “Did you know that without saliva, humans will be unable to taste food?”, or a mind-boggling question like “Can blind people dream?”. You can even question something that is considerably well-known. This will get your audience thinking and their curiosity will lead them to stay on to find out the answer.

You could also ask a personal question that tugs at heartstrings… or maybe something funny that makes them laugh.

In essence, make sure you offer your audience something to look forward to as they continue watching!

2. Keep it relevant

Keep your video short and sweet! Trust me, even if your video shows off your product perfectly, nobody will sit through an extended video talking about one thing. Nobody has an attention span that long. It's important to be concise, so you can send out the key message effectively in the shortest amount of time possible.

Keep it real and authentic. Think of your target audience and show them something they would care about.

But you don’t have to conform to normal types of video marketing - get creative! Use a unique style or format, for example a behind-the-scenes video. Have you seen the Dollar Shave Club advertisement? They were creative with humour, and this led to them going viral on YouTube in 2012. The video was unique and humour is very powerful when it comes to story-telling as it lightens the mood and appeals emotionally.

3. "Feel good" factor

You want to appeal emotionally to your audience. You can achieve this by making use of certain common childhood memories, issues people are passionate about, things that make people go ‘awww’ or certain seasons and holidays that remind people of a happy memory.

Such emotional appeal is what helps you connect with your audience and makes your brand more memorable. Additionally, they will also be more likely to share about your product to their friends and family!

Customers have to believe that by choosing your brand and your product, there will be value added to their lives. Let them feel good, show them the potential of what could be their lives if they chose your brand. This will help to influence purchasing decisions.

4. Include texts in your video

What? Why are captions part of these top 5 tips?

A survey found that 92% of U.S consumers watch videos with the sound off on mobile, according to a report from Verizon Media and ad buyer Publicis Media. Think about it, in today’s fast paced world we are constantly multi-tasking. Have you ever watched a YouTube video while queuing for something? When people watch videos in public with the sound from the video probably being overshadowed by noise from the surrounding, they would likely just enjoy the visuals from the video.

The same report found that adding captions helped ad performance, contributing to an 8% lift in ad recall, a 10% lift in ad memory quality and a 13% lift in brand linkage.

It is without doubt that when keywords are incorporated as texts on the videos, it will better capture your audience’s attention and there will be a more lasting impact. It is important that your audience not only hears but also sees the information you want them to know so they can digest it better.

Don’t forget that just like the length of your video, your texts should be short and sweet. This will make it eye-catching, no one likes to read a chunk of words.

Additionally, adding a transcript will allow it to be picked up more easily by search engines.

5. End with a call to action

A call to action (CTA) is something that prompts your audience to take a specific intended action. Ask yourself what you originally wanted to achieve with your marketing video. Use strong action words and sound enthusiastic and inviting. This part of your video will lead to a form of conversion.

You should be persuasive. Consider using numbers and give them a sense of urgency. Make them feel like they have to jump on the bandwagon.

Make your CTA attractive and highly visible. It helps if your CTA looks “clickable”, you can do this by including hyperlinks. Remember, you want to make it as easy for your audience as possible, this will increase the click through rates.

There you have it, 5 tips to creating a banger video commercial! Go off and run wild and hopefully we will see your video in the near future!

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