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What are Promotional Videos?

Promotional Videos are used by businesses to build awareness or introduce a certain product, service, or event. These may come in many forms such as a demonstration or simply an introduction of your products or services. A good Promotional Video would not come across as hard-selling, but rather one that connects with viewers emotionally, on a deeper, personal level.

What is the purpose of a Promotional Video?

A Promotional Video has the key purpose of building an emotional connection between the viewers and your brand which potentially results in long-term brand loyalty. Such videos are mostly published on your website’s landing page or Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even TikTok. While this may not generate instant results like an Advertisement Video might, it will unquestionably build a stronger connection with your consumer base for the long-term game. These videos also allow viewers to resonate with and develop loyalty for your brand through compelling storytelling through the lens.


At STOORY, we ensure that we fully understand your brand before working on a storyboard that tells your brand’s story in the most effective way possible. With our expertise and experience in Video Production, we are able to conceptualise and storyboard your video in a way that truly connects with your target audience on a deeper level.


STOORY differentiates itself with our ability to incisively tie in the business aspect of your company and our consideration of a wide variety of key factors such as the demographics of your target audience, your business goals, your existing sales funnel, etc. STOORY understands how Video Production can help your business reach its objectives, rather than just merely making your videos look pretty.

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