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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. We live through it, get entertained by it, learn of the World from it, and connect with it. It is our undeniable essential in this Digital Age - and it would be foolish not to utilise it to further your business interests.


Social Media Marketing (SMM), also known as Social Media Advertising, involves the use of these platforms to promote services, brand image and products to a limitless audience. Most effective when complimented by a professional Social Media Management strategy, this formidable approach allows your branding and advertising efforts to reach an extent that would otherwise be unimaginable.

Who will need SMM?

If you are a business owner looking to dramatically boost sales and enhance brand image through imaginative, fun and effective means - Social Media Marketing would be an obvious choice. No matter the size and reputation of your business, Social Media Marketing is easily accessible to you.


The only downside in taking your business’ advertisements into the Social Media domain is that poorly planned campaigns and unclear marketing strategies might hinder, or worsen your marketing efforts.

When will you need SMM?

With Social Media’s pervasiveness, businesses in every stage of their development could (and should) utilise proper Social Media Management to further their advertising interests. Let us break it down for you.


Businesses in their initial infancy stages could use Social Media to make the presence of their products and services widely known to the masses in the Digital Space, which would then help create their own following and generate hype. This gives companies and their products that starting edge.

Businesses with an initial pool of customers can, through Social Media, continuously share new products and ideas or simply reinvent them. This allows businesses to mantain their market share while constantly pushing the boundaries with innovations and novelties.


Established Businesses and Market Behemoths can use Social Media to showcase the impact that their brand, products and services have had on the World, cementing their places on Industry Thrones.

What is provided?

  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Facebook Advertisement

TikTok Advertisement

LinkedIn Advertisement

Instagram Advertisement

How do we execute SMM?



The team at STOORY will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the Social Media platforms that your company is currently utilising, if any. Next, we conduct thorough research on your business’ products and services, its target audience and competition. To effectively advertise your brand and its products/ services, it is crucial for STOORY to comprehend them and to want them to succeed as much as you do.

With your business goals in mind, and information gathered, we waste no time in distilling them down to craft content strategically tuned to your target audience and brand Identity. Different platforms may be used to target different portfolios of your audience. As such, we will continue to strategise and advise on the appropriate Social Media platforms to utilise, tailored to your brand’s needs and advertising interests. Finally, we begin expertly storyboarding and conceptualising manners in which your products and brands may be most effectively and appealingly portrayed.





With a content calendar prepared, bolstered by eye-catching visuals and persuasive copywriting by our experts, we will wholeheartedly put the plan jointly devised into motion. We ensure that every post is crafted to perfection in accordance with your business’ branding needs and advertising interests. Experience the might of Social Media Adverting done right as your products and services become reinvented - piquing the interest and captivating the hearts of your limitless audience.

Social Media Marketing does not end after content publication. Here, we optimise your content through A/B Testing and tweak the content strategy based on monthly reports. Your branding success is ours as well, so rest assured that our Social Media Advertising campaigns  will not only be maintained, but continuously enhanced.


Review and Revamp


Here at STOORY, we differentiate ourselves through our in-depth knowledge of the workings of the algorithms used by Social Media platforms. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even TikTok, the platform with the largest untapped market in Social Media today.


STOORY also has a professional in-house Video Production crew and content strategists who are able to incisively tie in visual aesthetics that are intertwined with your specific business strategy through Advertisement VideosMost importantly, we pride ourselves in our business empathy and commercial awareness - we understand the wants and needs of the audience as well as the ever-changing tastes and trends on social media. 

We fully comprehend the awesome value-adding potential Social Media Marketing bears for your business, its products, services and image; and we can’t wait to help you experience it.

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